About Us.

Flava Radio is one of the newest market radio operators in the Worcester area with so little variety and cultural diversity on the air-waves in Worcester Flava Radio commit to delivering the new hartbeat to Worcester.   Our first ideas were to create a Caribbean radio station with high quality programming not available through traditional commercial media outlets.  After realizing that the entire urban format as a whole had little to no representation, we maintained a stronger focus on the community as a whole and it was then that Flava emerged, dedicated to the Worcester community.  Flava Radio is one of the first urban stations in the area, with its large variety of Reggae, SOCA, Hip Hop and R&B, Flava Radio has quickly become one of Worcester’s most listened to local radio stations.   Flava Radio covers the latest news updates about the Caribbean and our community here in Worcester while being musically entertained with different variety of music.  Each week you, our audience are entertained by Worcester finest DJ’s. 


 To continually strive to be Worcester’s hottest radio station.  We will keep bringing you brand new music here first, whether it’s Hip Hop and R&B or the hottest REGGAE or SOCA.  Flava Radio prides itself on its commitment to the community and youth education.  We are dedicated to connecting Worcester community through unique on air sound, culturally diverse music, and community programming that informs, educates and entertains.  Our aim is to enrich the lives of Worcester residents by producing shows, having daily interviews and programs hosted by veteran on air talents.  You can listen to us here 24/7 for the sounds of the Caribbean, from Reggae to Soca, Calypso, Dancehall, and Hip-Hop.  Send us an email (flava1055@yahoo.com) or call our Request Line at 508-757-0557 to request your favorite songs.  Listen online 24/7 at www.flava105.com, and whenever you are in Worcester tune in to Flava 105.5 FM.

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Thank you, for tuning in to Flava 105.5 FM.